Band Bios

Mike Arnett -- Drummer

Mike Arnett

I was born and raised in Northern Ky. When I was a child my parents would take me to church every Sunday but I never really knew why I was going. I stopped going for a long time, then in my early 20’s I starting going again and really learned what it meant to be a Christian. I was saved shortly after my 21st Birthday. I’ve been active in my church and community since then.

I started playing music in elementary school playing the Oboe and Trumpet, I picked up my first pair of drum sticks in high school marching band. I’ve been playing drums ever since then. When I became involved in my church in my 20’s, I started playing in the worship band and other Christian rock bands. I currently play for the R3VOLUTION praise band at First Church of Christ in Burlington, Kentucky.

Insurance is my career, but music is my passion. Praise God for passions!





Todd Forrester -- Guitar

Todd Forrester













Todd has the softest feet in Rising Sun, Indiana.



Jake York -- Lead Singer, Bassist

Jake York

I was born in Middletown, OH and spent the majority of my life there. When I was very young, I attended church regularly and made a commitment to follow Christ but I did not fully understand what the Christian life was all about. I thought that being a Christian simply meant that I did "good" things. It wasn't until my second year of college that I finally got a clue and I truly made a commitment to follow Christ and to make Him a priority in my life.

I was always involved in music of some kind ever since I began junior high school. I picked up the guitar in eighth grade and suddenly had a passion for playing. I would teach myself songs by listening to them over and over while annoying my family. I first picked up the bass guitar in high school after my band director begged me to play since there was a need for it at the time. Over time I decided that I enjoyed jamming and smacking those lows. During my senior year, I improved even more on bass and joined the jazz band. That same year, my music minister from University Baptist Church visited me and told me about this new contemporary service that was going to start in the fall and he was in need of some musicians. That's when I began to see God's will coming through in my life. From then on I realized that my purpose as a musician was to glorify Him with my music. I played in the worship band at my church for the next 5 years and also played in a local band concurrently.

I met my wife after college and moved to the Northern Kentucky area. It was then when I was introduced to the members of 3 Days Blind. I love playing music and spending time the guys in 3DB. It's been such an awesome experience to have a great time and to glorify God while doing it. When I'm not rockin' with 3DB you can find me playing in the worship band at Generations Church, South Campus .